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How Can I Find Concierge Doctors Near Me? A Complete Guide

Have you Googled ‘concierge doctors near me’? Have you ever called your physician with a question about a withdrawal symptom, craving, or relapse incident but couldn’t get ahold of anyone? Only to then leave a message and end up waiting a week or longer to speak or see someone? Addiction medicine shouldn’t be this way and, with Durable Recovery, doesn’t have to be. Our concierge doctors are available 24/7 and are able to come to you whenever you may need them.

What are Concierge Doctors?

Concierge physicians provide individualized care and direct access in exchange for a fee. They often consist of physicians who prefer to operate in a small private practice in order to care for a smaller number of patients than in a standard office practice. Concierge physicians are able to perform everything a primary care practitioner can, including conducting lab tests, physical exams, and minor urgent care services with little to no wait time.

Concierge Doctors vs Regular Doctors

Both traditional and concierge healthcare providers employ competent physicians who work hard to provide the best care possible to their patients. A concierge doctor mainly differs from a traditional primary care physician in terms of the environment in which they operate. Five key differences in the way concierge physicians operate, compared with traditional physicians, are discussed below.

concierge doctors near me

Concierge Doctors See Fewer Patients

A typical primary care clinic typically has at least 2,000-3,000 patients and sees 15-35 patients daily. Health insurance reimbursement accounts for most of their profit. They likely aren’t making enough money if they don’t see enough patients each day. Concierge doctors, by contrast, can limit the size of their panels since patients pay a membership fee. Six to ten patients are seen on a daily basis by a concierge physician with a panel of 400-600 patients.

More One-On-One Time

Doctors in traditional primary care squeeze 20-35 patients into an 8-10 hour workday. When you subtract lunch and administrative tasks, it’s easy to see why taking more than 10 minutes with most patients is difficult. Because concierge providers reduce the size of their patient list, they are able to take more time with each patient by scheduling fewer appointments per day. Longer appointments are common in concierge medicine in the event that a patient has a complicated condition. By practicing medicine without feeling rushed, doctors in concierge medicine are able to concentrate completely on the patient in front of them.

Make Time for Urgent Visits

The issue of patients not being able to book an appointment with a traditional primary care physician when they require it the most—when they are severely ill—is common. A concierge doctor, on the other hand, typically keeps a chunk of time open each day for urgent care visits.

24/7 Care

Concierge doctors are more accessible than traditional primary care physicians, in addition to having longer appointments that are easier to secure. In most concierge practices, care is accessible 24/7/365. People do not get sick only during business hours, and this frequently leads patients to voicemail and urgent care visits in traditional primary care. Patients are guaranteed the care they need when they need it, regardless of the time, as a result of this.

More In-Depth

Patients typically undergo the same basic tests and screenings during their appointments with a traditional doctor, and then they would have to wait several days or weeks for the results to be posted online or sent via telephone and patients often feel as though they are just ticking boxes. Concierge doctors, on the other hand, provide much more than what most patients have ever experienced. Appointments usually last at least 60-90 minutes, but some offer even more advanced tests and screenings. When it’s time to assess your results, a concierge physician has the time to examine them in depth and provide their patients with suggestions.

What Types of Services Do Concierge Doctors Near Me Provide?

A concierge doctor has the same training and licensing to practice medicine as a physician you might see through an insurance network. A concierge doctor can perform everything a primary care physician can, including taking lab tests and performing annual physicals. Diagnostic screenings and minor urgent care services like stitches or treatment for minor skin problems are often provided as well. However, due to the nature of their services, they cannot provide many specialized treatments or major medical procedures, such as surgery. These would be referred to a specialist.

concierge doctors near me

Benefits of Concierge Medicine Near Me

A Durable Recovery concierge medical practice provides addiction care that can make a real difference. Your doctor’s prompt availability for consultation and proactive health care are Durable Recovery’s fundamental cornerstones. The following are just a few of the benefits of concierge medicine:

Close Patient-Provider Relationship

A concierge medical practice can help you develop a close connection with your health care professional. By providing you with more direct care, you may become more trusting and comfortable with your physician, which may cause you to adhere to preventive care suggestions. While concierge medicine and improved health aren’t directly connected, a trusted partnership with your primary care doctor may be advantageous. Patients with primary care physicians have a reduced risk of premature mortality than those who use specialists alone to manage their health care, according to research.

24/7 Access to Care

When a medical emergency such as a stroke or heart attack occurs, it is obvious that something has gone wrong and immediate care is required. However, when you have a condition like an addiction that causes vague or underlying symptoms, it may not be so clear that immediate medical care is necessary. Concierge medicine removes the barriers to care that cause potentially dangerous delays by providing around-the-clock direct access to our team. We are always available by phone or text, and our providers are always available.


At Durable Recovery, telemedicine is available. Many concierge practices handle simple issues that way, saving you a trip to the office. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has been adopted by most practices, allowing you to see your own doctor using a smartphone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your home.

No Wait Times

Patients who sought primary care at one clinic waited an average of 18 days for an appointment, while those who sought care at another clinic waited an average of 32 days, according to one recent study. Concierge medicine eliminates these hassles. You get appointments fast and your appointments begin on time with concierge medicine.

Does Insurance Cover Concierge Medicine?

Whether or not a concierge medical practice accepts insurance or Medicare depends on the specific practice. Most insurance companies will cover some services offered, but it is not guaranteed. Durable Recovery works with private pay only and is not currently accepting insurance at this time.

How to Find Concierge Doctors Near Me

Start with a simple online search: “concierge doctors near me” is a great place to start. Before you commit, investigate the websites of medical practices, request free consultations, and ask about their practice models. You can also find out if any of your family or friends are part of a concierge medical care program by tapping into your inner circle. Find out about their experiences and whether they would recommend the practice they use.

You should choose a doctor with the same level of care as you would choose a tax preparer or financial advisor — only with their expertise in managing your body rather than your finances. Ask the questions you need to ask to find the right concierge doctor near you. The following are important things to look for:


Having the option to select a concierge doctor near you that you like and feel comfortable with is beneficial because you don’t have to choose from an insurance firm’s limited list of pre-approved doctors. Look for a physician whose personality and communication style match your own.

Low Patient-to-Provider Ratio

The concierge doctor practice with a lower patient-doctor ratio will provide you with greater access and a better relationship with your physician if you are a concierge member. Having more time to devote to each patient will allow the concierge doctor to get to know you better and provide you with better access.

concierge doctors near me


It is critical to consider your specific requirements when locating a concierge doctor. If you want to take advantage of same-day or next-day appointments, you must pick a doctor nearby. In-person appointments, on the other hand, may not be as critical to you as finding the right doctor for you, regardless of location. Durable Recovery, for instance, offers telemedicine, which is a form of remote healthcare.

You Can Trust Durable Recovery

Patients who have been unable to succeed in traditional treatment programs may find assistance at Durable Recovery. Durable Recovery provides long-term, multi-disciplinary, integrated care to individuals with substance use and mental health issues. With a personalized treatment plan that enhances their abilities and promotes independence, substance abuse and mental health patients can realize their full potential and accomplish their goals.

If you want to learn more about Durable Recovery or how we can assist you, please contact us today. Our treatment specialists are available to help you. Take the initial step towards recovery today.

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